Environmentally sustainable, and purpose-driven furniture with a minimal environmental impact.

Hue N Ink Designs is an East-Vancouver studio with the ability to create unique and inspired furniture and home furnishings for individuals seeking long lasting, sustainably built and thoughtfully designed pieces.


We are a business that prides itself in our ability to design and fabricate unique and custom products that satisfy our client’s needs. Hue N Ink Designs is able to do this by blending traditional woodworking techniques with a new era of industrial design practices.


Due in part to his formal training in Industrial Design, Kyle blends a knowledge of traditional woodworking practices with his experience in using newer technology to create some truly inspired designs. With a combination of cutting edge machinery and sustainable fabrication and design practices, Hue N Ink Designs is able to create unique products completely in-house that most design or fabrication studios aren’t capable of producing.


Founded by Kyle Huinink, the name of the company is a phonetically spelled version of his last name (Which is mispronounced more often than not). By creating an easier to remember name, Hue N Ink Designs hopes to create a brand that will become pronounced and memorable in the minds of potential clients.