Change Table

This change table was originally made for my brother and sister-in-law for their first child and my first nephew. Since most baby-accomodating furniture seldom sees any use after the young ones grow older, the goal for this design was to create a piece of multi-purpose furniture that could be used long-after it’s diaper changing days are done.

Once this table sees it’s last diaper, it can be used as a buffet or sideboard in any kitchen or dining room due to it’s simple lines and classic style.

The Change Table stands at 40″ high x 20″ deep x 48″ wide and is made of solid Pine, painted black with a semi-gloss water-based paint. It features two drawers made of laminate plywood to help keep things bright and washable.

 Change Table 1 ThumbnailChangetable 2 Changetable 4