Tall Wood


As described before, these inSpire Lamps were constructed using 3/4″ thick scraps of sheathing plywood. The surface quality of this wood is very low with many splinters and voids, due to the fact it is primarily used structurally and not for visual appeal. With so many offcuts of varying sizes building up in the garbage bin, I created this design out of necessity to use as much of this waste as possible.

After my satisfactions with the small wood version, I continued to play with the stacking and incremental shape sizes until I arrived at this 6’5″ tall, 60+ pound floor lamp. The base footprint is 9″x9″ and with the custom-made lampshades it measure over 7′ tall.

These floor lamps are mounted on a swiveling base that features a spinning light dimmer. This added component allows the user to turn on AND dim the light by simply rotating the entire lamp!


Tall inSpire 1 Thumbnail Tall inSpire 3 Thumbnail Tall inSpire 4 Thumbnail Tall inSpire 5 Thumbnail Tall inSpire 6 Thumbnail Tall inSpire B&W Thumbnail