Sideboard Cabinet

This cabinet was designed and built with the components of a custom cabinet I had the pleasure of dismantling while installing a new reception area at a bank in downtown Vancouver. The original cabinet was designed like a pointed oval, to nest perfectly into a curved wall. It was stained brown, and had some design features that wouldn’t work in any other situation.

After reconfiguring the design while it was disassembled I determined I was not a fan of the original stain colour, so I sanded down EACH component to bare plywood. I’m not sure I would do that again unless it was an antique or made of solid wood as it was quite hard to not sand through the thin veneers on the surface of the plywood.

In the end, I was happy to save all of this useful material from the landfill. It is stained black and finished with Varathane Diamond Wood Finish. It measures 8′ in length, 35″ in height, and 20″ in depth at it’s centre. the two cupboards are perfect for small appliance storage and the two centre slide-out shelves are great for displaying plate and glassware.


Sideboard 4 Sideboard 3  Sideboard 1

Sideboard 2